sarah carmicheal

empowerment coach, educator &

founder of coming clean retreats

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m coming clean…


I am not a Goddess.  I’m not in tune with my chakras, I find yoga boring, I love loud Rock N’ Roll music, and I’ve never met greasy pizza or a glazed donut I didn’t like. 


I'm a personal empowerment coach and educator.  I help exceptional people find their freedom and live their purpose through active thought management and thought meditation.

I'm proud to say that I have achieved many great accomplishments in life: a successful career in the entertainment industry; a profitable business; loving relationships; financial independence; a healthy mind and body; and most importantly, the realization of my life’s purpose.  But it wasn't an easy road...

My Story

I grew up in rural Canada where a little girl with original ideas and big dreams is not encouraged.  I had a lonely childhood shaped by an absent father ostracized for his severe OCD, and emotionally unavailable mother; and a difficult adolescence marked by crippling body image issues, bullying, sexual abuse and a raging, alcoholic stepfather.  It was a tough start.  I had very low self esteem and I was scared all the time.  Life was a constant struggle for personal security, happiness, and love.

disastrous relationships

soul-crushing breakups

failed business ideas

job loss and financial insecurity

the loss of important friendships

struggles with my weight

not one but two serious car accidents


and years of self-hate

Really, there is not enough ink in a pen to list all the mistakes I've made, but for the past 20 years I've lived my life on my own terms.  And I am stronger now, courageous, and I am free!

As I matured into adulthood, the pain from my childhood created a fierceness, a relentlessness; resilience; and independence that served me well.  I've had many great successes.  I've also had many epic failures:

Why I Became A Coach

Having lived with my own personal challenges, I’ve always gravitated towards helping others.  From a very early age I began volunteering my time for food banks, church groups, and hospitals, and as I grew older and started my professional life, I continued to chose work that inspired and supported others.  From my many years in radio and television broadcasting, to my work in the charitable community creating fundraising programs and events, to my distinguished career as a successful media marketing consultant, I have always applied my talents in the service of others.

Over time, my experiences led to a passion for coaching.  I believed that if I could teach the skills I had acquired creating success and profitable growth for my clients, I could empower others to create their own personal and professional growth.  So I retired from the corporate world and embarked on a two-year journey of self-discovery, followed by extensive training and certification as a life coach.

I can’t help you discover your inner Goddess, but I can help you unleash inner Greatness. 


It’s time to rethink what’s possible!

Today, I use my training, and my own experiences of struggle and success to help extraordinary people move beyond their limitations to gain the clarity, confidence and conviction they need to achieve their goals and live a more meaningful life.


professional bio

Sarah Carmichael is a powerful and compelling coach and educator with a talent for inspiring her clients to live a life of purpose; inviting them to explore new possibilities, discover their passions, and realize their dreams.  She has helped countless people master their minds, transform their bodies, gain financial freedom, and find more self-acceptance, love, and fulfillment in their lives.


Her life-changing workshops and retreats speak to people in ways that energize and inspire.  Her passionate and authentic approach to coaching uses thought management and evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral theory to deliver real results and sustainable change for her clients.  With her guidance and support, clients feel empowered and motivated to break through their limits and make significant change in their life.